Sigma SD14

FEATURES: Image Sensor 20.7x13.8mm Foveon X3 14.06MP CMOS (2652 x 1768 x 3 layers)
Effective Resolution 4.7 million pixel output resolution
Color Depth 36-Bit RGB
Color Modes Full Color
Image File Formats RAW (12-bit)
Lens Mount SIGMA SA bayonet mount
Focal Length Multiplier 1.7x
Sensitivity Selectable ISO (100, 200, 400, 800, 1600)
Shutter Type Electronically controlled focal plane shutter
Shutter Speed 30 - 1/4000 seconds
Bulb (up to 30 seconds)
Exposure Metering 8 segment Evaluative Metering, Center Metering, Center-Weighted Average Metering (EV 1 to 20 Metering Range - 50mm F1.4 @ ISO100))